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About Top Value...
Established in 2003, TOP VALUE Steamvac Service has provided high quality and reliable service at competitively low cost for hundreds of Nashville area homes and businesses. Our technicians are professionally trained and certified in carpet and upholstery care with over 5 years experience.

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Our Equipment...
We use only top quality equipment to work efficiently and achieve our main goal of customer satisfaction. We use Avenger 500 truck mount units built by Century 400. Our truck mounts have Briggs & Straton engines with a heat exchange unit that provides 200+ degrees of working water temperature and up to 1000 psi pump pressure.

Why Steam Cleaning?
This deep cleaning method involves the application of hot water mixed with a special cleaning agent within a high powered, industrial strength truck mounted machine. The machine pumps the mixture at high pressure (up to 1000 psi) into the fabric and immediately vacuums away loosened soil and excess water. Drying time is anywhere from 3-8 hours depending on weather, room temperature and fiber type.

Carpet Cleaning...

Our trained technicians use the wet application method commonly called steam cleaning to help you maintain clean and beautiful carpets. First, a pre-spray is applied to loosen embedded soil. Next, hot water mixed with a powerful cleaning agent is sprayed into the soiled carpet and extracted away along with dirt and other contaminants . The finished product is a fresh and clean carpet. Your carpet will be slightly damp after the cleaning process. Drying time is anywhere from 3-8 hours depending on weather, room temperature and fiber type.

Upholstery Cleaning...

When cleaning your upholstery, our trained technicians apply the same technique used to clean your carpets. However, a special hand tool is used along with a mild pH- balanced cleaner designed for the more delicate fabric used on upholstery.

Stain Removal...
Tough stains? No problem. Our technicians have the training and the chemicals required to remove a variety of tough carpet stains. We are confident that we can remove stains that are a result of heavy traffic soil, pet urine, food dyes( kool-aid) ,ink ,candle wax and much more.

Stain Guard...
Carpet and/or upholstery are expensive to replace. Why not keep them looking better longer. Stain guard provides protection that helps to preserve your carpet and upholstery. Accidents happen. This service also allows for more time to clean up spills before they penetrate deep into fabric.

The only thing worst than dirty carpet is carpet that smells bad.. Top Value Steam clean uses molecular modifier, an enzyme, which combats odor causing bacteria. We also utilize Capri which penetrates tough odor leaving your carpet with a fresh and pleasant scent.

Vacuum / Rake
All loose surface debris must be vacuumed away before steam cleaning can be initiated. Dog hair and similar thin contaminants are removed most effectively by raking prior to vacuuming.

Furniture Moving...
We understand how valuable your furniture is to you. Select pieces can be expensive, delicate or very heavy. Therefore, Top Value generally does not move furniture. Light furniture moving is done at the discretion of our technicians. This is usually limited to dining room chairs, sofas and loveseats.

Hours of Operation
Monday- Saturday
(615) 589-0928


Standard Residential Service **
$30 per room: Includes light furniture moving, pre-spray and hot water extraction)
Rooms larger than 200 square feet are counted as two rooms.
Service Areas: Davidson and surrounding areas

Stairs $2.00 each
Landings $5.00 each
Hallways & walk-in closets $20.00 each
General deodorizer $20.00 per area
Pet odor treatments (surface application) $20.00 per area
Stainguard / Scotchguard $20.00 per area

Additional Services
* Area rug cleaning (in home cleaning only): prices vary based on rug size and fiber type.

* Upholstery - average sofa price is approximately $75.00 (Minimum charge for upholstery cleaning: $60.00)

Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaning Service
$0.20/sq.ft. up to 1000 sq.ft.

** Most of Davidson county: three room minimum (areas outside of Davidson county may require a highter minimum charge). Combination rooms and rooms over 200 sq. ft. count as two rooms. Pet odor control and carpet protection are priced separately. In most cases our standard cleaning will obtain the desired results. However, light or exotic fabrics, heavily soiled areas, detergent buildup and unusual stains sometimes require a special treatment at an additional charge. Our customer service people will be happy to discuss any details with you










































































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